Online Store

Online Store

The Online Store for the Sustainable Student Farm was created in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed us to continue to sell our produce in a safe and healthy way. Due to its popularity, we will continue to utilize the online store so that you can quickly and conveniently order produce for pickup. Below is the link to access the online store and instructions for pickup.

The Online Store opens at 4 pm on Fridays and closes at 7am on Wednesdays

To make an order:

Pickup Location

Pick up order on Thursdays between 12pm and 4pm

  • The new pick-up location will be at the Fruit Research Building at 2711 S. Race St. just south of Windsor Ave.
  • Look for SSF signs (it is a gravel drive with lots of logs next to it)
  • Blue dot on the map below
  • Park in the small lot in front of beige building

  • When picking up, give your name to an SSF employee and we will put your prepackaged order in your trunk or backseat to keep everyone safe and healthy

    Enjoy your fresh produce!