Summer Internship- positions filled for 2024

Summer Internship- Positions filled for 2024

The farm internship gives students hands-on work experience at the farm and aims to teach our interns about the essential parts of vegetable production while thinking about sustainable farming at large. This internship will expand your horticultural skills and knowledge, developing applied skills in design, marketing, food handling, infrastructural maintenance and land stewardship.

The interns will spend their mornings Monday through Thursday working on the farm, planting, weeding, trellising, irrigating, maintaining, harvesting and washing the crops growing at the SSF. Wednesday and Thursday afternoons will be spent prepping and implementing the farm stand and CSA

Fridays will be spent doing activities tied to the internship portion of the summer experience. This will include

  • lectures/discussions on different topics including farm design, different aspects of vegetable production, soil and farm ecosystem health and social issues around food.
  • Farm tours and volunteering at other farms and community gardens
  • Rotating through different managerial roles on the farm; managing our farm stand, CSA, record keeping and outreach
  • Plan, plant and manage, harvest and take records for your own beds of vegetables

2024 Internship is full. If you do want to apply for future internships, email a copy of your resume and a cover letter describing why you want to be in the program . Contact us at if you are interested in joining the team!